How Do I Love Thee? Japanese Husbands Shout The Ways

On Valentine’s Day in Japan, women give men chocolates; men do nothing. In fact, they don’t have to reciprocate until the bizarrely-named “White Day,” in March, when men give women chocolate.

Except apparently, as my friend Jocelyn (who writes the great blog “Speaking of China: One Western woman with a Chinese husband writes about love, family and relationships in China“) just pointed out to me, for the men in this article, from NPR:

Standing in front of a giant heart made of pink tulips, businessman Yoshiharu Nishiguchi tells his wife — along with a bank of TV cameras and curious bystanders — that he is utterly devoted to her.

“Rieko, I love you!” he screams, before yielding the spotlight to the next nervous husband.

“Miwa!” the man belts out, “I love you!”

Even by the sometimes wacky standards of Japanese modern culture, this is one of the stranger rituals to emerge in recent years: the annual love-your-wife shout-out….

“I’m always putting you down,” confesses one Tokyo man. “But it’s only because I’m shy. I love you, and I promise not to come home drunk.”

But judging from his impassioned delivery, it may be too late for that promise on this particular day.

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