Early Readers’ Reviews

I feel a little out of it, since someone else had to tell me that The Good Shufu is now actually up on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan in both hardcover and Kindle versions. The book will be released officially on June 30, 2015, although it’s available for pre-order now.

I’m so touched by, and eternally grateful to, the early reviewers, who have written:

“A thoughtful, involving examination of what happens when a thoroughly American woman says “I do” not just to a man, but to a new culture, country, and way of life. Filled with fascinating tidbits about Japan’s quirks and customs, this debut is as informative as it is entertaining.” —Sarah Pekkanen, internationally bestselling author of Catching Air

“From Boston to Osaka, Tracy Slater writes about the intersection of romance and culture shock with great sensitivity. The Good Shufu is a story about how people communicate and love each other in unexpected ways and places, a fish-out-of-water tale that illustrates the ever-expanding definition of family.”—Ann Mah, author of Mastering the Art of French Eating

“Tracy Slater is one of those great women who refused to give up when so many people said she should. (She’s my kind of woman.) Honest, brave, and moving, this is the perfect book for someone who needs to believe big dreams can come true.” —Amy Cohen, New York Times–bestselling author of The Late Bloomer’s Revolution

Sarah, Ann, Amy, you’ve made my decade.

3 thoughts on “Early Readers’ Reviews

  1. No guns would be wonderful. Makes me sad for our country. I love the little jizo statues. So sweet. I think I might have to get one to put in our garden for our little one. ❤ I love reading and learning about places through the eyes of others. I am officially hooked on your blog.


    1. Lucy Ball, thanks so very much for leaving your comment! Apologies for the delay responding. Have been traveling back to the US for American txgiving. So very sweet of you to be hooked!! And the jizo statues are just the sweetest thing, too. Sad and lovely and peaceful all at once. Sending you all my very best!


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