“Eat, Pray, Love, Rewritten by Woody Allen”

Feeling crazy-grateful to Joanna Rakoff, whose memoir My Salinger Year I voted Best Book of 2014 on Goodreads–which makes me quite starstruck too–as I learn that she has provided a new blurb for The Good Shufu:

“Tracy Slater’s charming The Good Shufu reminded me of Eat, Pray, Love — rewritten by Woody Allen! With equal parts humor and heart, Slater narrates her tale of falling in love with a Japanese man and, then, Japan itself. Slater’s real triumph is her ability to probe both inward and outward, to chronicle both the ways in which Japan transformed her—emotionally, politically, even physically—and her evolving take on Japan itself. Brave, unabashed, and also just plain old fun.”—Joanna Rakoff, author of My Salinger Year

Rakoff has a way of putting these simple, beautiful images on the page that summon so much truth in one quiet but lovely moment. That’s what made me vote her book (a literary coming-of-age about working for JD Salinger’s agent in NYC in the 1980s, which was funny and moving and total lit-geek porn) as my favorite memoir of 2014. Then I found out she blurbed my book, so I’m sort of over the moon about that. I also love how she summed up the book on Twitter: (…”Among lessons learned: Don’t go commando to a family wedding.”)

10 thoughts on ““Eat, Pray, Love, Rewritten by Woody Allen”

  1. I’m ” over the moon ” as well Tracy! that’s fantastic now I’m going to read her book if you think I’ll like it. I did yoga this morning on yoga glow for 30 minutes😜 💖💖

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    1. Nancy, Rakoff’s book is so great. It’s like a literary page-turner. I had a lot of trouble putting it down while I was reading it. Even when the mini finally went to sleep and I was exhausted, I still wanted to read more. The characters/people in the book are so finely and perfectly drawn that you feel like you know them all. She has definitely given me something to aspire to, which is one reason I was so honored that she agreed to read and blurb the book and then gave such a generous and lovely review.

      On another topic: go YogaGlo!


    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! So glad you are excited to read it. In the meantime, I can’t recommend Rakoff’s memoir highly enough. Hope all is well with you in India, and sending you all my best from Tokyo!


  2. I can’t wait to read The Good Shufu~ Currently finally reading Eat Pray Love and I’m almost embarrassed how often I highlight passages from it because they are hitting me personally. Looks like Rakoff’s memoir is next. Happy New Year!

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  3. Miyagi Mermaid, I’m so psyched you are looking forward to the book! I also found Eat, Pray, Love tons of fun. And I’m *really* psyched you are going to read Rakoff’s memoir next. It is so, so worth it! By the way, are you living in Miyagi? Sending you all my best from Tokyo/Yokohama!


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