A Summer ’15 Barnes & Noble Discover Pick

THE GOOD SHUFU has just been chosen for a Summer 2015 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection! (The 2015 Summer selections haven’t been posted yet on their site, but there is info there about the Spring 2015 selections and the Discover Great Writers Selection program in general.)

So very thankful to Barnes & Noble, and so very, very honored! Stay tuned to see the book featured in their bookstores, online, in their Nook store in June.

The Good Shufu: Finding Love, Self & Home on the Far Side of the World

14 thoughts on “A Summer ’15 Barnes & Noble Discover Pick

  1. Congratulations Tracy! It’s an honor well-deserved. I cannot wait to read your book this year — it’s the one memoir I’m looking forward to most in 2015.

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  2. I read your article in Mothering, Tracy. You talk about something so often misunderstood and unrecognized: the balance between feeling so happy and content but at the same time feeling exhausted beyond words and appearances. I am eager to read your book. Thank you for writing.

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    1. Ines, thanks so much for your comment! It’s funny you mention how misunderstood this paradox is, as I’ve been thinking so much about it, and especially about its intensity. I’ve heard the book All Joy and No Fun addresses some of this–but of course, I haven’t had time to read it! Thank you again for your kind comment and for your interest in the book. Wishing you all my very, very best!


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