Enter to win a free, signed Advanced Reading Copy of The Good Shufu!

4.9-TheGoodShufu-cover photo-final_Banner

“A heartfelt and moving tale coupling insights into two remarkably different cultures”Kirkus Reviews

So very excited that  The Good Shufu‘s bound galleys, or Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) as they are known in lit-world parlance, have arrived at our house on the outskirts of Tokyo!

GalleysEven more excited that Putnam has given me permission to do a series of drawings to give some away free, which I’ll sign with whatever personalized messages winners want and send them from Tokyo to anywhere in the world the Japan Postal Service reaches.

Enter by accessing the signup form here anytime between now and May 1, when I’ll do a blind drawing of two winners. Then I’ll contact the winners by email to get a postal mailing address and send along your very own signed, personalized copy.

35 thoughts on “Enter to win a free, signed Advanced Reading Copy of The Good Shufu!

    1. Yes–thanks, Ann! I’m going to change the wording on that page to make it clearer. Right now the explanation is at the top but I think it’s getting lost in the layout, so I’ll try to change that. Tx for your question! Made me realize I need to make that page clearer. Hope you’re well!


  1. Yay for the chance of getting to read it sooner!
    Win or not, I’m so looking forward to it finally going on sale.
    Many, many congratulations.

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    1. Thank you, Osakadays! Not sure if I knew you in Osaka, but know you are a total peach just from your message here. Thanks so much for your support–it means a lot! And oh how I miss Osaka! If you’re there, have some okonomiyaki for me. Just not the same in Tokyo… All my best!


  2. So nice to meet you! I have never heard of you until I noticed this website from Susan’s Facebook page! Congrats on the new book, I hope that it is successful. 🙂 I have subscribed to your blog. All the best!

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    1. Thanks so much, mariadeng! So nice to be connected with you here. And I’m grateful for your interest and your good wishes for the book. Looking forward to keeping in touch!


    1. You are too funny, autumn! And fun “chatting” with you over twitter lately. All my best to you! Hope the random number generator system we’re using for the drawing likes your number…


    1. So funny, Beth! Sadly, it’s *stlll* the story of my life after 10 years in Japan! Just cannot master the language. Anyway, thanks so much for your interest and your kind words. Really appreciate it!


    1. Thank you *so* much, Jocelyn! I wasn’t sure Putnam would let me do the giveaway, since they technically own the book’s distribution rights now until (or if!) I sell back my advance, but they very kindly allowed me to do this, and it’s already been a lot of fun getting comments and emails from lots of new people. Anyway, I so appreciate your support, as always!

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    1. Stefanie, thanks so much! We’re doing the drawing this week and will post the info here. It got delayed b/c I’ve been ill but am back at work now. Thanks again!


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