The Hardcover Hits Tokyo!

ShufuHardcoverJune2015The book exists in hardcover! Here it is on my windowsill at our house in the Tokyo suburbs. I may like my makeup sparkly & my patent leather shiny, but I’m loving the special matte paper Putnam Books has chosen. Thanks so much, Putnam!

PS. It’s not in bookstores in the US (or any other countries) yet until June 30, but it is being offered for pre-order at all of these sellers–and at a discount at many of them, until the book is actually released to the public!

9 thoughts on “The Hardcover Hits Tokyo!

  1. Tracy, this is great! Congratulations!

    May I suggest that you always include your name and contact # in your blast emails? What if I wanted to forward your email to someone who wanted to buy the book, or review it? They’d have no way of reaching you!

    Hope your sales are through the roof come June 30th!

    Kelly Hayes-Raitt Mosey on over to my web site and sign in for your free gift — an mp3 of me reading my book’s first chapter about a beggar in Iraq! …And a pre-publication discount!

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