Marrying a Man Who Speaks a Different Language

I’ve loved and been deeply touched by the reader comments and reviews for The Good Shufu, and by the beyond-awesome support I’ve gotten from friends, family, and the book’s lovely readers. But I do have to admit that some people have expressed consternation by my admission that my husband still isn’t totally fluent in English and–most chagrin-inducing–that I haven’t made much headway in studying Japanese.

How can you be married to someone and not share a fluency? people tend to ask with some incredulity. (A related question involves how I can live in Japan and still be ambivalent about immersing myself in another culture, but this is a topic I’ll address another time.)

So here’s a little video clip that answers, at least in part, what I actually like about being married to someone who doesn’t always understand me, and whom I don’t always understand. (Sounds like a lot of partnerships, actually, doesn’t it? Even ones conducted in one native language…. A point I make more fully here.)

This video is from my reading at Newtonville Books. A truly awesome bookstore.

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