When parents are in the majority, kids in the minority

Grateful to the Wall Street Journal‘s Expat Blog for publishing this piece focusing on some of the issues I’m trying to work out about race, privilege, and identity as a white parent married to a native Japanese man and raising a mixed-race child in Japan.

From ‘Blind Spots’ and Other Problems in Globally Blended Families:

As a woman in a multicultural, multinational, and multiracial couple, I’ve sensed how some people assume I must be uniquely open to cultural differences, and thus uniquely equipped to raise a mixed child. But this assumption betrays a flawed logic. Globe-trotting parents in mixed marriages who grew up in the majority may be aware of racism and may even have faced it themselves, but most still lack a deeper understanding of racism during a child’s formative years.

Read more in the Wall Street Journal online.

2 thoughts on “When parents are in the majority, kids in the minority

  1. Excellent post! Thank you for writing this.

    I completely agree. Speaking as a mixed race kid from two monoracial parents: monoracial parents are not necessarily equipped to raise a mixed race child, even if the two parents are international, open-minded, color-blind, progressive and multiracial in other senses (including their own relationship and in their international experiences).

    That isn’t a criticism of anybody at all, more stating a general truth.

    Lovely piece.

    (I might link to this, if that’s ok with you?)


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